Do you:

•  Enjoy being active and involved in your daily life? 
•  Post on Twitter and Instagram regularly? 
•  Have a closet full of nice clothes? 
•  Love interacting with people and getting to know new people? 
•  Enjoy coming up with creative ideas for events and contests? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then you’d be a great fit for team 2eze!


2eze Brand Rep responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

•  Help to generate awareness and excitement for 2eze’s styles and product offerings through events and social media posts to help drive sales at local retail partners.
•  Leverage your social media skills and your personal network to enhance events and drive brand engagement on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, or Snapchat.
•  Establish relationships with key social media accounts/influencers to amplify  promotion of events and social initiatives.
•  Maintain a constant line of communication with in-house management
•  Provide recaps, photos, and required documentation of activities by the assigned deadline
•  Receive promotional materials and product, making sure to keep the items in a safe place
•  Work with other team members

For this position, you will receive:


•  Free 2eze gear (Shirts, Hoodies, Promo items, etc.)

•  Access to additional awards, incentives, exclusive brand opportunities, and business opportunities

•  Appearance on the website, or other media

•  Resume enhancing experience sales, marketing, branding,

•  Invitations to influencer meetings and events.


How it works:

The 2eze Brand Ambassador program is largely performance-based. We will be rewarding our ambassadors with gifts and opportunities based off their effort. The efforts will be tracked by a reward system that collects points and allows our ambassadors to receive their gifts and rewards.


Step 1: Sign on and receive 1 shirt or article of clothing with stickers and other swag

Step 2: 5 social media posts in 30 days with 2eze tagged and 2eze named in your bio.

Step 3: Invited to the next scheduled photoshoot or 2eze event. Where you will be provided with professional shots of yourself in 2eze apparel and not. You may use these photos how you wish. You will be provided with more apparel and a shout of from 2eze to you on media.

Step 4: Come to a second 2eze event or complete 10 posts in 60 days with the same 2eze tagged expectations you will earn your own 2eze website discount code, This code is your personal code to earn credits for apparel, swag or even your own brand.

100 points = $200 cash 500 points = brand meeting - we will work with you to create your own branded line    

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